How to Get Entertainment Discounts

Tickets to a concert, a game and even Netflix aren’t cheap. But you can have a good time without spending a lot.

Written by Linda Childers / May 26, 2022

Quick Bites

  • It’s possible to enjoy concerts, movies and sporting events without breaking your budget.
  • Remember that being a student, senior citizen, member of the military or part of a group entitles you to discounted admission at many movie theaters, museums, and theme parks.
  • Choose credit cards that offer points or cash back when you purchase concert or theater tickets, or for other expenses.
  • Be savvy about scouting the best deals websites and shopping at warehouse clubs.

With rising prices on everything from groceries to gas, buying concert tickets or visiting an amusement park can seem like an extravagance. Yet enjoying entertainment and having fun has been shown to help us lead better lives. One study found those who enjoy music, video games, outdoor activities and sports had happier, more satisfying and healthier lives than those who don’t.[1]

“Inflation doesn’t mean you have to give up doing the activities you enjoy,” says Andrea Woroch, a consumer and money-saving expert. “A little research can go a long way in helping you find affordable and even free options to keep everyone in your family entertained.”

Follow these tips to fill your social calendar with fun things to do on the cheap.

Look for deals at Costco and Sam’s Club

Your membership can go way farther than just getting you a 5-pack of toothpaste.

“Warehouse clubs are a great resource for saving on entertainment,” Woroch says. “You can often buy bulk passes to amusement parks, zoos and sports events at a discount.”

You can also save 20% to 30% on watching blockbusters and eating out by buying bulk packs of movie tickets and dining gift cards.

Check credit card offers

You’d think your credit card is only good for helping you spend money, but it can help you save, too.

Log on to your credit card account and see if there are discounts if you book entertainment or travel through the site using your card. There could also be exclusive discounts or you might earn extra reward points.

For instance, “Bank of America’s ‘Museums on Us’ program offers cardholders free general admission to more than 225 cultural institutions in dozens of cities across the U.S. during the first full weekend of every month,” says Woroch.

Search venues for special offers

Thinking of taking your family to the aquarium, the zoo, museum, or other local attraction?

Check the venue’s website for discounts for AAA insurance members, active and reserve military and veterans, college students and staff, children, senior citizens and groups of ten or more.

Many museums and other attractions also offer free admission days throughout the year.

Research employee discounts

Before you purchase tickets to Disneyland, check with your Human Resources department to see if your company offers employee discounts. Many companies partner with corporate entertainment providers such as Plum Benefits ( and Tickets at Work ( to offer employees exclusive discounts on amusement parks tickets and more.

Earn free entertainment gift cards or cash back

Besides your credit card’s web site, there are a number of site that give you perks when you make entertainment purchases on them:

Fetch Rewards

If your idea of a perfect evening is getting cozy on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn and a glass of wine to watch a show, the Fetch app can help you save on foods and beverages and more. Simply scan all the receipts you have (yup, any receipt) to earn points for store gift cards and other rewards.


Join and you can earn up to 4% cash back on purchases at Ticketmaster. There are coupons for various types of purchases on the site, too, so you could save enough on everyday purchases to pay for a date night or movie outing.


When you purchase tickets to sporting events, concerts and theater shows through this site, you earn rewards towards free tickets.

Scan deals sites and both offer daily deals where you can purchase tickets at a discount to concerts, amusement parks, restaurants and more. offers an annual membership for $24.99 that allows consumers to download discount coupons to restaurants, amusement parks, and more. They serve 10,000 cities in the U.S. and Canada.

Got kids? “Check to find free dining options for children which can vary based on day or time or location. You can even find free bowling through,” Woroch says. offers deep discounts to theater shows, comedy, concerts, and more. Check upcoming activities in your hometown or search for attractions in a town you plan to vacation in. is the go-to site for concert, sports, and theater tickets. Fans sell tickets on the site, many at a discount.

TKTS offers last-minute ticket deals to Broadway shows in New York City, while TodayTix has same-day discounted tickets in San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, and other major cities.

Save money by seeing the next blockbuster movie during a matinee or on a designated day. At AMC Theaters, matinees are 30% less than evening tickets, while Cinemark Theaters offers Discount Tuesdays where you can see the latest shows for less.

Keep an eye out for free events

“Tap into your local library for savings,” Woroch says. “Not only are libraries a great resource for free books, magazines and even movies, but you can also stream videos and video games for free through their digital platform right from your computer or smart TV at home.”

In addition, libraries offer free family events like arts and crafts and reading groups, as well as free and low-cost passes to national parks and museums.

Also, check your town’s web site to see if there are any upcoming free concerts, festivals or other events.

Looking to do something further afield? Explore the great outdoors by taking advantage of free days at national parks. For five days each year, the National Park Service waives entry fees.

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